The music you’re about to listen to has been simmering on the back burner of David Warren’s psyche for years... In a way, Warren has been building up to this musical moment his whole life. ” - Kati Schardl - Tallahassee Democrat

Born on the cusp of a decade, David C Warren grew up in a house filled with music. There were always records playing and a stash of 45s to plunder. By age thirteen, he bought an electric guitar and amp after a year or so of hopelessly trying to rock out on his dad’s nylon string classical guitar. He started writing his own songs, tentatively at first and then with greater confidence when he started college at FSU and had added new sounds to his sonic palette - REM, The Smiths, Violent Femmes - the music of the time that pricked his ears and powered his first band, Mean Season. A stab at making it as a professional musician in Atlanta didn’t pan out, but coming through that experience, Warren gained a wife (after he moved back to Florida to woo her) and a different career. Music took a back seat for a while and those songs he’d crafted so carefully began their long, low simmer. Warren slowly made his way back to music, and the songs on this album. In the time since he picked up a guitar and strummed his first chords, he has spent the years burnishing his musicianship, honing his craft as a songwriter and learning how to capture musical lightning in a digital bottle. He’s calling the end result “Song of the Sinner,” after a song on the record that introduces listeners to Warren’s own inner struggle that plateaus at hope, rather than victory.

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