The debut album from David C Warren introduces listeners to his polished songwriting and broad range of musical influences. Originally conceived 30 years ago with a few songs he wrote that didn't fit with the style of his band at the time, it came to fruition like many other creative projects during the pandemic lock down in 2020. David recorded some acoustic demos of those songs and others from his past with the hope of starting a new band to record them. A Facebook post from a casual acquaintance, Fran Blacklin, revealed their shared musical connection dating back to the Tallahassee music scene of the late 80's and early 90's. Fran generously offered to play drums, engineer the album at his home studio, and recommended using his high school buddy, Rob Goodrich, to help with production and play bass. The trio hit if off immediately and began rehearsing in the fall of 2021. Progress was steady but slow due to Covid spikes, day jobs, and middle-age family life. Finally, it's ready.

Fran and Rob are not the only musicians adding their talent to the project. Multi-instrumentalist Bob Anthony, another friend and connection to the Tallahassee music scene, plays organ on three songs. Rob, Fran, and Bob play in the band,  Electric Sea. David's  cousin, Jonathon Hartsfield, plays slide guitar on the title track. Melissa Grady, a Tampa Bay scene stalwart, elevates Nothing Left to Say  with her somber cello arrangement.